Hi everyone! Welcome to our Comenius blog THE E-FACTOR: BUILIDING EUROPEAN CITIZENSHIP. We are starting this adventure full of energy and illusion.
Last summer, we decided to give our students an opportunity to open their minds to other European countries.
Five countries: FRANCE, POLAND, ROMANIA, ITALY and SPAIN take part in this amazing project.


miércoles, 20 de marzo de 2013


Our Italian school is called Istituto Comprensivo Don Lorenzo Milani. It is a large nursery, primary and secondary school with about 1,200 students in Tavarnelle Val de Pesa. This beautiful city is near Florence and Siena, in the Chianti area, famous for its well-known wines and olive oil production. This school is special since it includes classes of four different musical instruments for their students giving high importance to the development of artistic skills. Even some music school orchestras from abroad have played there for many years now. The teacher in charge of the project in Italy is Mr. Gianluca Citterio.
Have a look to this city and enjoy its beauty!

You can also have a look to the school webpage www.ictvb.it

miércoles, 27 de febrero de 2013

Here are some information about our Comenius partners.

The school is called Collège Daniel Argote. It is in the city of Orthez, a historical city in the south-west of France near the border with Spain. The city has got about 10,000 inhabitants. The school has got almost 250 students.The school organizes a European drama show every year with other European schools. The person in charge of this project in France is Mrs. Aurore Coustalat.
Enjoy with the beautiful photos of this historical city!

For more information about the school webetab.ac-bordeaux.fr/college-daniel-argote/